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Selected Verdicts and Settlements

2014 - $1,250,000.00 settlement - Motorcycle rider was lane changed by a driver of a major rental car company. Rider suffered fractured pelvis.

2014 - $1,250,000.00 settlement - Pickup driver stalled on freeway in early morning darkness and had lights on and was rear-ended by person who was driving distracted and was allegedly reaching for coffee cup and not paying attention to roadway.

2013 $935,000.00 settlement Motorcycle rider was hit by left turning driver and suffered orbital fracture and disputed mild traumatic brain injury.

2012 - $11.9 million Jury verdict - 30 year old motorcycle rider was t-boned by driver of commercial landscaping truck. On day of accident driver of truck claimed he was working for landscaping company that was owned by his cousin. Cousin denied employment of driver. Jury determined owner/cousin lied during deposition & trial. Rider was in coma for 16 days, suffered brain damage, loss of use of left arm, mental distress, fractured ribs,fractured spine, loss of spleen, fractured right forearm.

2011 - $4.1 million Jury verdict - Plaintiffs contended that the roadway was improperly signed and thus created a Dangerous Condition to the general public. Pre-trial offer was $25,000.

2010 - $4.1 Million Appeals Court Victory against an insurance company.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the firm of Kirbys Law been practicing law?

The Law Offices of Kirbys Law have been practicing law for over 30 years. The combined 60+ years of experience of our lawyers, and our expertise gives our clients the edge they need see their cases to a successful conclusion.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Why do I need a "motorcycle attorney" to handle my case?

When you have plumbing problem, you hire a plumber, not a roofer...face it; you need someone who knows about your case BEFORE you hire them.

A "motorcycle attorney" is an attorney that rides motorcycles so he or she knows how a biker will react in a panic situation with or without personal injury.

A "motorcycle attorney" understands the road hazards, road defects and visibility issues that may not affect someone driving a car, but will have serious effects on a motorcycle rider.

A "motorcycle attorney" understands that even a small amount of sand or gravel fallen from a truck can cause a rider to go down.

And finally, a "motorcycle lawyer" knows his or her clients, understands the needs of the client, a fellow rider, and is willing to fight as hard at the end of the case as at the beginning to make sure a fellow rider is compensated for his or her claim and receives all of the compensation for which he or she is entitled.

Will you come to my home for a personal visit?

Of course. If you want to meet in person, at your home, or anywhere else, we will come to you and answer any and all questions that you have. Our office will visit you at your convenience. We will try your case if necessary.

Can I speak directly to an attorney if it is a weekend or after normal business hours?

Always. If you call our toll free number, 800-699-9097, after 5:30 pm on a weekday or anytime on a weekend, those calls are sent directly to Steve Kirby's cell phone. Though it may sometimes go to his voice mail he will immediately return your call. If you want to speak to an attorney on Sunday afternoon, you can. We don't believe in having an answering service.

Does your attorney try cases? (See our "Recent Case Resolutions")

We do. Our office does not "farm out" cases to other lawyers when a case gets "hard". When you hire our firm, we stick with you until the end of your case...there is no network, there is no referral service. If your case goes to trial, we will be right there with you all the way.

Does your attorney ride?

Of course we ride. It is why we do what we do. If we didn't ride, you wouldn't trust us to handle your case...and you would be right.

Is Kirbys Law the right motorcycle law firm for my case?

Yes. We are truly motorcycle attorneys. We all ride and we all practice law. Steve Kirby spends his relaxation hours building bikes, and as a point of fact, put himself through law school building bikes and putting engines together.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don't use an answering service; we don't have a catchy name. We just provide you with the best possible legal representation, and with rates that reflect the fact that we want our clients to be happy when the case resolves.