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Steve grew up fighting; not only in competitive sports in high and college, but in the ring; fighting a Kempo style of Karate. His service in the U.S. Marines during 1969-71 only enhanced his desire to win using all tactics necessary. A superb tactician he knows when to apply the pressure.

The driving force behind all Kirbys Law trial work and 7 figure resolutions is Steven Kirby. Putting your high exposure case in Steve's hands is a wise decision.

Having tried and engineered numerous 7 figure and 8 figure settlements against governmental agencies, corporations, and individuals Steve knows the winning strategy for litigation and settlement. When the insurance companies realize that Steve is on board their high figure case they know that they either face a jury trial with a potentially higher verdict in excess of their limits or they resolve the case in an amicable manner.

There is none better than Steve Kirby at extracting money from corporations and insurance companies who are facing a jury decision.

Margaret Kirby originally hails from the East Coast and to this day carries with her the same East-Coast-no-nonsense attitude towards litigating cases. Margaret, also known as Peggy, left the East Coast in 1970 to enjoy the warm climate of California. She attended University of West Los Angeles and passed the bar in 1979.

She has tried hundreds of bench trials, served as Temporary Judge in various South Bay courts and was on the Los Angeles, Mediation/Arbitration Panel of volunteers. Ms. Kirby is also a member of CAALA, CAOC and both the State Bar and the Central District Court in Los Angeles.

She is the tenacious force behind the scenes at the office, making the calls to insurance companies, medical institutions and Veterans Affairs offices to make sure every dollar that her client deserves is discovered and secured. With a single call she can connect with the right folks in the right department to get the answers and action needed to bring justice for each client.

She is also a long time Harley Davidson rider herself and understands the challenges of being a rider on the current highways and byways. You can see her at various rider events in California where she and her husband, Steve ride their own bikes to the events! She rides AND litigates!!

Mike grew up in Northern California. His passions include computers and technology, the latest gadgets, riding his Harley and eating healthy. When not in the office fighting for the right of motorcycle riders he can be found at most of the bike rallies working the Kirbys Law booth. Mike will help you understand the piles of paperwork required to file your claim and get you the money you deserve.

He graduated from USC and later earned his JD from McGeorge School of Law. He has worked at Kirbys Law for 25 years and greatly appreciates having a boss that moonlights as a mechanic. He is happily married with a beautiful wife and daughter.